Time for a Little R&R

Josh soaking it all in while on our last vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico. 

Josh soaking it all in while on our last vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico. 

Ahhhh vacation!!  Who doesn’t enjoy taking some time to relax, sipping on blended drinks and eating delicious food! Once vacation is over and reality sets in, we often find ourselves feeling guilty for not making it to the hotel gym.  We all have every intention to make it to the gym, we pack our gym clothes and then somehow those clothes don’t quite make it out of the bag.

I’m here to tell you that there is a way to find the time and enjoy a couple workouts while on vacation.  How you ask?  One word my friends….CrossFit!  Josh and I like to look for the closest CrossFit gym (“Box”) while on vacation.  The majority of CrossFit gyms welcome drop-ins and classes can range anywhere from free to $20 bucks a class.  Some just encourage you to apply the fee towards a gym shirt.  What’s better than a cool new shirt!?  You’re guaranteed to meet some awesome people, get some great recommendations on local restaurants and get a killer workout in.

Once you get back from vacation feeling relaxed and happy you made time to squeeze in a few workouts, you can tell your friends all about the awesome CrossFit gym you went to, while you sport your new shirt.  A couple folks in the gym recently vacationed in Hawaii...I know; tough stuff, right? Sarah and Keeley visited CrossFit Oahu Pearl City where they worked out, set some PR’s while they were there and brought me back a cool shirt. : )  Thanks guys!

Picture courtesy of Keeley while on a trip in Las Vegas, NV. This gym is just slightly larger than ours. Keeley got his workouts in while in VEGAS...that's dedication.

Picture courtesy of Keeley while on a trip in Las Vegas, NV. This gym is just slightly larger than ours. Keeley got his workouts in while in VEGAS...that's dedication.

Not only should you take advantage of other gyms while you are on vacation, but you should also try to squeeze in a visit while you are out of town for work.  I promise it will make your trip much more enjoyable.

I took a day off from work on Friday to spend the day in the city to do a little shopping and got up early the next morning to get a workout in at San Francisco CrossFit. I had a great experience at Diane Fu’s Olympic Lifting Class (FuBarbell Club).  I had lots of time to get in some practice on my Snatch and Clean & Jerk, watched some awesome lifters and woke up this morning feeling a little sore. Overall a successful trip!  Of course I have to thank my lovely fiancé, Josh, for holding down the fort at CCSC while I had a chance to go out and play.

Myself, Diane Fu and my friend Amber I was just a little excited to be there! :)

Myself, Diane Fu and my friend Amber

I was just a little excited to be there! :)

So the next time you think twice about packing your gym shoes, toss them in your bag, hop on ‘the Googles’ and go out there and kick some ass at a nearby box!

I follow Diane Fu on Instagram...I made it to her post yesterday. EEEEk...I know, I'm a nerd. 

I follow Diane Fu on Instagram...I made it to her post yesterday. EEEEk...I know, I'm a nerd. 

The First of Many Competitions

Two weeks ago, we closed up the gym for the day and headed to CrossFit Chico’s Wodtoberfest where we had 7 athletes participate in their first competition.  There was approximately 130 total athletes competing from several different gyms all over Northern CA.  We, of course, were the smallest gym at this competition.

Josh and I have both competed in several CrossFit competitions but this was our first time showing up as coaches. I felt anxious as we made the drive to Chico.  Although we weren’t competing, we didn’t want to let our athletes down and wanted to provide them with the best support and coaching. However, once we arrived, set up the E-Z up tent and hung up our CCSC banner, I instantly felt proud to just be there representing our athletes and the County.

We had a female athlete in the very first heat….I felt sick to my stomach.  As the timer to start the first workout was counting down, she glanced over to Josh and I with a nervous look.  I tried to hide my nerves for her and gave her a big grin and a thumbs up. :) The first workout was only six minutes and just like that it was over. The rest of the athletes completed their first event as they moved through the heats.

As the day went on, our athletes continued to knock out the events one at a time. The CCSC athletes gave it their best and never once complained.  Between events, everyone mingled with other gym athletes/coaches/judges, cheered on other athletes, and checked out the vendors. Most importantly, we hung out under the E-Z up tent and got to know each other a little more.  I heard several of our athletes mention how much fun they were having and said they couldn't wait to sign up for another competition. 

Under the E-Z up tent, we talked about the future of the gym and we were all excited to be doing something good and healthy with other people within the community.  Music to my ears…this made me happy!  On our way home Josh and I talked about the amazing people within Colusa County that we have met in just the short amount of time that CCSC has been in existence. CCSC is not even a year old and we are already making a name for ourselves. This would not be possible if we didn't have people who believed in us and in our program, without the tremendous support of Manuel and without all of you representing CCSC every day!  We can’t thank you enough!

The competition and day couldn't have been any better!  Every single one of the CCSC athletes finished strong in all of the workouts and every single CCSC athlete hit a new personal record (PR) on their back squat. We showed up, performed extremely well, squatted some big weight and definitely put the county on the map!  As if that wasn't enough, we had one of our female competitors, Rocio Hernandez, take first place overall in the female’s beginner’s division! Great job to everyone who competed and thank you to those of you who came out to support these amazing athletes.  We are so proud of every single one of you guys! 

Saturday, September 14th – Mud Blast Sacramento River Race

When someone mentioned that there was a local Mud Run happening in Colusa, my first thoughts were (1) that this would be good chance for us to get out of the gym and have some fun together and (2) I’m ready to lace up my old running shoes and compete. Many of you may not know that I use to be a big runner who use to love training for ½ marathons.  (Side note:  I suggest you ask Josh about the one and only time he trained and ran a ½ marathon with me.) Although I was an avid runner, I have never participated in any type of obstacle or mud type of runs.  A little part of me was anxious to get out there and put my retired running skills back to the test.

As our team gathered together at the start line, we took a photo of the team while we were still recognizable.  Off we went and for the first mile in to the race, it seems to be just like any other run…every man/woman for himself.  People were zig-zagging to get ahead of the pack.

Things quickly changed as we reached the first set of mud obstacles.  People were stacked up and backed up at the first mud pit.  People and kids of all ages and sizes were trying to climb out of the mud pit and up the slippery and muddy hill.  As I waited  for my turn to get up the hill, I floated in the mud pit, trying to keep my head above water, I could feel the clumps of mud underneath me. I couldn’t believe I had signed myself up for this.  As I waited, I noticed people helping one another get up and out of the mud pit anyway possible.  People gave one another a boost from the bottom of the mud pit to get out and other folks waiting at the top of the muddy hill, reaching their arms down to help you out.

We cleared the first obstacle but there were many others to go.  As we moved through the obstacles everyone continued to help one another.  I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing and I could feel the mud on my teeth and lips.  There were many laughs along the way thanks to the folks who provided the extra enterainment…folks jumping in to the mud, muddy runners hugging clean runners who had yet to reach the mud obstacles, and  people asking to be sprayed by the farmers with the hose.  It was a great time!!

This run wasn’t about running to win.  This run was about working together, helping others, rooting for your teammates, having fun and being ok with having a little dirt in your mouth. ;)  If you didn’t sign up this year, I encourage you to sign up for next year’s event.  One of our teammates mentioned to me that he had never competed in a race.  I applaud him and am proud of him for not only signing up and completing his first run but for having fun along the way. J This was by far the most fun I have ever had “competing” in a race, I can’t wait to do it again next year