Saturday, September 14th – Mud Blast Sacramento River Race

When someone mentioned that there was a local Mud Run happening in Colusa, my first thoughts were (1) that this would be good chance for us to get out of the gym and have some fun together and (2) I’m ready to lace up my old running shoes and compete. Many of you may not know that I use to be a big runner who use to love training for ½ marathons.  (Side note:  I suggest you ask Josh about the one and only time he trained and ran a ½ marathon with me.) Although I was an avid runner, I have never participated in any type of obstacle or mud type of runs.  A little part of me was anxious to get out there and put my retired running skills back to the test.

As our team gathered together at the start line, we took a photo of the team while we were still recognizable.  Off we went and for the first mile in to the race, it seems to be just like any other run…every man/woman for himself.  People were zig-zagging to get ahead of the pack.

Things quickly changed as we reached the first set of mud obstacles.  People were stacked up and backed up at the first mud pit.  People and kids of all ages and sizes were trying to climb out of the mud pit and up the slippery and muddy hill.  As I waited  for my turn to get up the hill, I floated in the mud pit, trying to keep my head above water, I could feel the clumps of mud underneath me. I couldn’t believe I had signed myself up for this.  As I waited, I noticed people helping one another get up and out of the mud pit anyway possible.  People gave one another a boost from the bottom of the mud pit to get out and other folks waiting at the top of the muddy hill, reaching their arms down to help you out.

We cleared the first obstacle but there were many others to go.  As we moved through the obstacles everyone continued to help one another.  I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing and I could feel the mud on my teeth and lips.  There were many laughs along the way thanks to the folks who provided the extra enterainment…folks jumping in to the mud, muddy runners hugging clean runners who had yet to reach the mud obstacles, and  people asking to be sprayed by the farmers with the hose.  It was a great time!!

This run wasn’t about running to win.  This run was about working together, helping others, rooting for your teammates, having fun and being ok with having a little dirt in your mouth. ;)  If you didn’t sign up this year, I encourage you to sign up for next year’s event.  One of our teammates mentioned to me that he had never competed in a race.  I applaud him and am proud of him for not only signing up and completing his first run but for having fun along the way. J This was by far the most fun I have ever had “competing” in a race, I can’t wait to do it again next year