Strength and Conditioning

Mobility and Stability

The mobility class is for anyone who wants to improve or correct any postural distortions or pain caused by those postural distortions. We also work on core and joint stability, to promote longevity with our exercises, as well as to prevent or rehabilitate injuries. Our every day lives can be quite repetitive in terms of movement, or lack thereof, like sitting down, causing our bodies to adapt in a negative way. It’s also a great way to recover and relax on your days off from training or after work. By increasing mobility and functionality in the bodies major joints, we ensure a better quality of life.

Strong and Functional

Strength is fundamental to functioning day to day, whether you need to lift something overhead  at home, or picking your children or grandchildren off the floor, everyone could benefit from being stronger.  This class is geared toward building strength and efficiency in the major lifts, including the clean and jerk, snatch, squat and pressing exercises.  This class is ideal for athletes on the offseason looking to build strength and power for their sport, as well as any member who may be interested in getting stronger.