Erica Eisenhut, Level 1 CrossFit Trainer,

USA Weightlifting sports performance coach

Erica was an athlete in high school but admits she was not the most talented athlete but rather a “utility athlete” or a jack of all trades, a master of none.  Erica lifted weights in high school in a class called Varsity Fitness but again never really felt like she knew what she was doing.

In college she played some serious intramural softball :) where she ran across Josh’s team and was defeated by them.  Although not a serious athlete in college, Erica still maintained a love for sports.  Erica was a student trainer for the Cal Football team (where she met the love of her life Josh) and worked several kids summer camps as a student trainer.

After college, determined to get back into shape Erica found running.  Erica ran four half marathons after college.  Lacking the drive to train for another half marathon, Erica found weight lifting.  Her biggest goals were to be able to do strict pull-ups.  By dumb luck, a trainer at the gym approached her while lifting and asked her if she had heard about CrossFit.

The rest my friends is history.  Erica found a CrossFit gym and never looked back.  Erica can now do several strict push-ups and pull ups.  Erica is constantly striving to be better by eating healthy and lifting heavy weight.  Erica enjoys coaching new athletes at the gym because they are eager to learn and excited to be at the gym.