CCSC Run/Walk 5K Training Program

What: 5 Week Road to 5K

When: Thursdays at 5: 15 PM and Sundays at 8:00 AM.  

First group walk/run is Saturday, May 3rd. We'll be meeting at CCSC! The training program will run through race day at the Women's Fitness Festival in Downtown Sacramento on Sunday, June 7th. More details on carpooling, getting to race, etc. to come. 

**This group will be training for the Women's Fitness Festival in Downtown Sacramento on Sunday, June 7th (register here for the run:

Who: Anyone! Whether you're a beginner or a veteran walker/runner, we want you to join us for some fun!

Why: Why not? Running and walking CAN BE fun! Get together with a bunch of fun folks and that time will just fly by! Also, you will likely hold yourself more accountable when you commit to a group vs. trying to tackle the 5K on your own.

How:  Go online to and enroll in to the program. Not a member of CCSC, that's ok, you can still join! Just purchase the $80 Pass and  enroll in the first class (May 3rd).

That's right, you asked for it, so we're giving it to you! We're kicking off the CCSC Run/Walk 5K Training Pgoram on Sunday, May 3rd. Come join us at CCSC for a 5 week program and we'll help you conquer a 5K whether you're a walker or runner! Whether this is your first 5K or your 500th, we promise this group will have something for everyone.

The group will meet Sundays at 9:15 AM and Thursdays at 6:15 PM. You'll have one run to do on your own during the week. Yes, you read that right, JUST ONE on your own.

In addition to meeting twice a week to walking/jogging/running, we'll also be working in accessory movements (including but not limited to your core, back and arms) to help you do your best and feel your best as you cross that finish line!

Want more? Sure, you got it! You'll have access to CCSC's gym to mobilize and improve your flexibility during your 5 week training program!