Josh Eisenhut, Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Josh played several sports as a kid but was most passionate about baseball and football.  Josh was introduced to weight training by his football coaches at San Leandro High School.  The school’s football program was highly competitive and it was made clear that all players were expected to lift. Standing a mere 5’-7” tall, it did not take long for Josh to realize that his physical stature was not going to get him very far.  So, he dedicated himself to the weight room and now credits those early days for instilling a passion in him for athletic performance and strength training.

After high school, Josh attended the University of California – Berkeley (Go Bears!).  He spent all four years of school working for the football program where he was fortunate enough to travel to various places and meet some amazing individuals including his best friend and better half, Erica.

In college, Josh was able to use Intramural Sports and lifting weights as his outlet for his athletic drive.  While his own athletic endeavors pale in comparison to those of the Division 1 collegiate athletes with whom he worked; Josh’s work ethic and passion for personal improvement could never be questioned.

After college, Josh and Erica moved to the Sacramento area.  Initially, Josh struggled to adjust to life working a desk job and trying stay in shape.  Eventually, Josh was introduced to CrossFit and he recommitted himself to fitness.  As an athlete, he has competed at several local competitions and continues to strive to improve upon his weaknesses.  Even more important than his own physical accomplishments; Josh realized his true passion in life is coaching others.  Josh takes tremendous pride in helping his athletes reach their athletic potential and achieve goals that they may have once thought were unattainable.