Ralph "Keeley" Keeley, Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

From an early age Keeley had a love of sport and spent his childhood outside playing timeless games like knockout, three flies up, homerun derby and street hockey (as well as emulating the likes of “Blaze” and “Nitro of American Gladiators fame).

As Keeley grew older he participated in numerous organized sports but ultimately gravitated to basketball and golf, with golf becoming his first love. After high school, Keeley attended James Madison University, the happiest place on earth (and where he would meet the future Mrs. Keeley, Sarah Lopes). After failing to walk-on to the varsity golf team, Keeley decided to take a break from competitive golf.

Although he had always been very active and engaged in sports and exercise regularly, it was during college that Keeley decided to cease being scrawny.  Fortunately for Keeley, JMU had a great student recreation center, affectionately known as “UREC”. It was at UREC that Keeley began weight training and consuming copious amounts of protein supplements.

After experiencing the benefits of no longer being scrawny, Keeley vowed to never allow himself to be out of shape again.  But as the years went by, putting in time at the weight room became boring and uninspired.  He needed something else. That all changed when Sarah forced Keeley to attend his first class at Colusa County Strength and Conditioning.

Sarah had been CrossFtting for a few months at a box in Woodland.  During that time, she had been trying to get Keeley to tag along for a workout. Though he used the long drive to Woodland as an excuse for not going, it was the uneasiness of stepping out of his comfort zone and truly testing his fitness that kept Keeley from trying CrossFit.

When CCSC opened Keeley had the chance to test his fitness and attended that first fateful workout with Sarah. It only took a few minutes for Keeley to realize that his fitness wasn’t up to par.  That day, he was humbled by a workout of front squats and kettlebell swings. By the time the workout was over, Keeley was writhing on the ground, breathless, and had found his new passion. 

Keeley loves working with people and enjoys watching others do things they never thought possible. He is excited to be the newest member of the CCSC training staff and can’t wait to help others work to reach their health and fitness goals!.